What We Do

  • Reduce your waste: Did you know that, avocado peel and pit represent around 50% of the waste of a fresh avocado? 1 kg of avocado pulp represents 2 kg of fresh avocado.


  • Stabilize the price: During the last 2 years, the avocado value has been affected due to the worldwide increasing demand. Our position allows us to keep the price stable all year long.


  • Simplify your operative process: The less effort and time during your daily operations, the more efficient your business will be. Just open and use.


  • Increase your stock and shell lifetime: Our products can last for 2 years frozen and up to 45 days under refrigeration.


  • Standardize quality: The avocados we use are chosen, ripen and crafted by thinking on your application specifically. Every order is designed according to your requirements.


  • Protect Nutrition: High Pressure Processing is called the “Cold Pasteurization” which destroy pathogens while preserving sensorial and nutritional properties remain almost intact. HPP & Vacuum applications during the process make our products the healthiest in the market.


HPP: Hyperbaric pasteurization (High Pressure Processing-HPP) is a method for food processing consisting of subjecting them, previously packaged in airtight flexible containers resistant to water, at a high level of hydrostatic pressure (between 4000 and 6000 bars) for a few minutes.

The pressurization of food in cold or at room temperature above 4,000 bars inactivates the vegetative microorganisms (bacteria, yeast, fungi) present in food products respecting their organoleptic properties and giving the pressurized product a high sensory and nutritional quality while at the same time maintains its original freshness throughout its useful life.

Here at The Mexican Avocado we know that maintaining the highest quality standards in our products is mandatory to remain competitive worldwide.

Innovation is our key value.